Cooking Lessons

 “Pasta all’uovo” Cooking lessons
In the traditon of Bologna “egg pasta” is hand stretched with the wooden rolling pin” (“sfoglia”). Since old times we’ve heard the sound of the rolling pin in our kitchen; the “azdora” (the housewife) who made the sfoglia on the cutting board with craftsmanship and experienced moves. Usually this took place every Sunday early in the morning and while the meat broth was boiling on the stove, “the azdora” of the house prepared the sfoglia for tortellini or “capelli d’angelo”, which would be cooked in the broth. On the other hand tagliatelle were the perfect option for a fragrant meat ragout. When you woke up on Sunday morning, you were surrounded by these sublime fragrances and you knew what to expect for lunch. In our cooking classes we want to propose, teach and share the feelings, tastes and smells that take us back to our childhood and traditions.

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